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Case Study - Campaign of the Year Finalist - Android Pin Badges

To be eligible for Campaign of the Year there were some key questions that needed to be answered

1) Have you supplied promotional products to a high profile campaign or brand?  If the answer is yes, then why not enter this award? 

Yes, Google (the client) is possibly the biggest brand in the world and the Android brand is world famous as the most used mobile operating system in the world with 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day.

2) Did your innovative product or product range help raise awareness among a target audience? 

Yes, in terms of raising awareness it actually went off the scale. There were film crews following our promotional campaign instead of the new phones and technology which is what they were in Barcelona to do! See videos such as below:

3) Do you or your client have anecdotal evidence that shows a positive impact on the campaign, product or service that you supplied promotional merchandise to? 

Yes, there are countless press releases, blogs, eBay pages, APPS, newspaper cuttings, videos, photos as well as testimonials from customers and the client to highlight what a resounding success this was. Google even used our campaign artwork in their own TV ads such as below:

All Yes, here is our submission for the Campaign of the Year award.

Android at Mobile World Congress

MWC is the world's biggest exhibition for those in the telecommunications industry, attracting 55 000 delegates over the 4 day event in Barcelona.

 Android's Objectives at MWC:                              
  • Demonstrate and accelerate Android's momentum.
  • Highlight openness, choice and innovation
First Steps:

Google set about trying to achieve this by taking a booth at the Barcelona based fair and working the creative of the Android character into a physical presence.

Google created life size models of the little droid, had a slide, a giant Android themed smoothie bar and Android themed PC terminals for developers to showcase their work.

A lot of fun in fact, but something was missing...

Our thinking...

Google wanted something quirky. Something people would want to keep. Something they'd warm to. Something they might even want to collect.
We landed on enamel pins that people get at fairgrounds as a souvenir of their stay.

And this related to Android how?

Android themed pins were perfect to showcase the momentum around Android: the fact that there so many handset and chip manufacturers were adopting Android.
We produced 86 designs to showcase the variety of Android devices and partners.

Showcasing the Android ecosystem of partners

Google gave each of their partners a standee’ to distribute their unique set of pin designs from.

Visitors to the Android booth got Z card maps of the trade show floor to find out where our partners were based if they wanted to learn more about Android and collect the pins

Mobile World Congress Opens...

  • Day One happens to be Valentine's Day...all Android staff wear the pin with the love heart.
  • Day Two, Google reserve the DJ themed pin for guests of their party (headlined by Basement Jaxx).
  • Next thing the horse trading begins.
  • People scramble to get the entire collection.
  • Suddenly it's this Android momentum that is the one thing on everyone's lips at MWC.

 PIN - MANIA takes off!

To quote the Android Brand Manager... 
Pin mania - the distribution of unique pins amongst partners spotlighted the Android community and drove a tremendous of interaction, including CEO’s and Director’s fighting over pins!

"MWC Android pins hit eBay. Complete set yours for £900”

Press Coverage went Global

2012...we did it all again, but better. A New Collection was released. 

The Momentum continued...

This year's designs were customised and reflective of the wealth of content on Android. Partners could design their own and submit them on-line for consideration in the final range.

+ We Brought the Experience Online!
Delegates also used the Android MWC app to trade and keep track of their collection. They were also prominently displayed on Google’s official Android pages

Delegates also used the Android MWC app to trade and keep track of their collection: &
At the following link you can collect your badges online and add them to your collector’s basket so you know which ones you still need to collect

2011 collector’s basket so you know which ones you still need to collect

2012 collector’s basket so you know which ones you still need to collect

The Impact

To quote our Google contact …
  • “This simple giveaway helped us immeasurably demonstrate (and accelerate) the momentum around the Android brand.
  • AND highlighted the openness, choice and innovation of the platform.
  • It drove tremendous engagement and interaction with C-level delegates, not to mention a few bun fights!
  • "Forget Disneyland. Android booth at MWC is the happiest place on earth." - I4U news
  • Here's a sizzle reel Google prepared to highlight our presence there:
  • 2011 click here 
  • Another press release here
  • 2012 click here 

The final full photographed 2012 collection is below and I'm proud to say I was involved in the design and production of every single one of them.

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