Saturday, 9 February 2013

Light up your desk!

Desk items are the perfect product in terms of your logo. The desk is the Mecca in which decisions are made, who do I award that contract to? Who do I call for that quote? Who do I use for my next marketing event? Right now on my desk, I have a Google speaker set (always use Google as a search engine), a calendar from a supplier (always use that supplier), branded drink-ware - this stuff works! Now the biggest hurdle in terms of offering a desk item, is for it to useful enough for someone to warrant it precious space on their desk. If someone gives you a paper pen holder, when you already have a stainless steel one that does everything except make you a coffee, you know which one you are going to keep. So if you are going to spend budget on merchandise, make sure its counts. An old time classic as a simple desk product is a sterling silver photo frame, most people don’t already have one, or if they do wouldn't mind another one, and it is a great way to have their loved ones on display. But if you are looking for something a little edgier how about these?

Pokket Mouse

A stylish way to shine a light on your promotion...
Luxury, slim optical mouse with LED's that lights up your logo with a simple touch of the mouse. Ultra thin design for a true promotion with class! Supplied in handy travel pouch.

USB Hub & CardReader Podium

Your logo on stage!
Stylish 3-port hub with multi functional cardreader (ie. MS/Pro Duo, M2, SD/MMC, Micro SD) for optimal branding that will stay on your clients desk. Your logo is illuminated when in use.

SolarSpeaker & MultiCharger

Eco music on the move!

Handy solar powered music speaker and charger for many of your gadget / devices. Great for outdoor activities. An ideal gift for an ECO style promotion!

So imagine the impact of your logo flashing on the decision maker’s desk every time they use the item? Or a fan who uses it daily to show their love for your brand?

Being around merchandise for over a decade, this was a range that stood out well and caught my eye. There are only so many different variations of mugs, so many pens, mouse mats etc, so when you see products that have constant impact on someone’s desk, that are useful and good looking, you light up! 

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