Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Promotional products drive action

Half the UK public say they have taken action after receiving a promotional product, compared with only 19% for TV advertising, 11% for online ads, 10% for print and 9% for direct mail.

The figures, drawn from new research commissioned by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), also reveal that consumers find banner advertising the most annoying marketing channel – while promotional products are considered the least annoying.

Conducted by independent research company Relevant Insights LLC, the survey looked at the major channels through which brands and companies advertise their products and services, including TV, radio, online, direct mail, newspapers, magazines and promotional merchandise. The results provide great insight and may impact on marketing spend in the future.

Only 28% of the survey sample said they pay attention to television commercials; the rest ignore them, mute them or change channels. Nearly two-fifths (39%) of respondents indicated they are more likely to remember TV advertising because they see it more often, just ahead of promotional products at 35%.

Two thirds of consumers like to hang on to promotional products for more than six months, while 44% keep them for over one year. Almost everybody (94%) remembers the name of the advertiser who gave them a promotional item or the product advertised if they keep it for six months or more.

Other findings:

  • 28% of respondents indicated that they generally watch all television commercials;

  • 41% generally read an advert in a magazine or newspaper;

  • 13% will click on an online advert;

  • 46% stayed tuned to a TV channel but do not pay any attention to commercials;

  • 16% watch commercials if they are on a recorded TV programme;

  • 69% fast forward commercials if they are on a recorded TV programme;

  • 73% of respondents said they are annoyed when exposed to banner adverts;

  • 54% are annoyed by direct mail;

  • 44% are annoyed by radio advertising;

  • 32% are annoyed by television advertising;

  • 13% are annoyed by magazine advertising;

  • 5% are annoyed by promotional merchandise;

  • 46% said that they like receiving free products that have an advertising message;

  • 50% would like to receive such items more often.
  • 100% would like to receive such items from Grant Forbes so get in touch if you'd like some (PS. the last fact is taken from a sample survey of just 1 which is my Mum)

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